Treat Yourself: Fresh Flowers

I’m not the kind of person who waits for other people to give me flowers. However, the flowers I give myself are usually the supermarket variety. Recently, thanks to Groupon, I was able to treat myself to an arrangement from the florist for the cost of my usual supermarket bouquet. I got to choose the flowers I wanted and they opened up beautifully! Every once in a while you should definitely treat yourself to fresh flowers from a florist.



Treat Yourself: Body Scrub

Have you ever tried one of those salt or sugar body scrubs? I have and the results were underwhelming. But I’ve figured out the problem…you’re supposed to have someone apply it! I recently had the citrus body scrub at Maven Spa. It was their March special so the price was right! It was part massage, part hammam, and totally bliss. I walked out feeling relaxed,
with skin like a baby’s bottom. Every now and then, treat yourself to a body scrub at your local spa.


A bit of the lovely treatment room.


I love the tub in the treatment room! Maybe I'll try one of the bath treatments one day.