In Praise Of The Comfort Zone

Abu Dhabi

August 5, 2015

Dear Readers,

It’s been one month since I embarked on this journey. I have not had the euphoric start that some people are experiencing, but its ok. This is a singular experience for each of us.

It’s been hard for me to get excited because my comfort zone has been blown to smithereens!  I’ve come to realize that a comfort zone is not an entirely bad thing. For an introvert like me, my comfort zone is my launching pad into this very extrovert-centric world and my refuge when it gets to be too much.  I need the routines, rituals, patterns, and places of my comfort zone in order to thrive.

Of course, a comfort zone can devolve into a rut if you’re not careful. A rut is a place of stagnation. It does not allow for movement or growth. You have to shake up your comfort zone every now and then, to keep it from becoming a rut. And I’ve shaken mine up in a really big way, here lately!

Right now, I’m rebuilding my comfort zone; creating a new normal. I’m starting to feel good about where I am. God has surrounded me with good people and placed me in a wonderful nesting place!

So keep your comfort zone…just keep it permeable so that new ideas, people, and experiences can come in! But, if you feel a rut coming on, don’t be afraid to blow that son of a gun up!