Strength from Ritual

I was baptized in the Anglican Church and, traditionally, my family is Anglican. However, as an adult, that denomination has never appealed to me. So, it’s surprising how much I’m enjoying worshipping at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church here in Abu Dhabi. I think the ritual of it all makes me feel anchored in this sea of new experiences.


The churches of Dubai

Quite interesting…I’m definitely planning to connect with a church community when I get to Abu Dhabi.

Quite Alone

IMG_6331.JPGWhen I knew I would be stopping over in Dubai on a recent trip, I began casting around for story ideas. I wouldn’t be there long. Food? No, kind of done it. Old Dubai? Well, maybe, but what, on a short trip? I’d never yet made it to the Hindu temple which I knew stood just back from the Creek in the Bur Dubai souk – and that set me thinking about religious tolerance. At some point I started googling churches.

This was the result, a (necessarily short) story for the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondentthe radio version is here (my bit starts at 11’30”), and the transcript was published by the BBC News magazine here. Please do go and have a quick read.

BBC Arabic made their own translation here.

Of course, there was tons more I couldn’t fit in. Vast numbers of people attend Dubai’s tiny Hindu temple, only…

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