It’s Christmas!

Abu Dhabi City

December 25, 2015

Dear Reader,

It’s Christmas Day!  I am just amazed to be spending Christmas away from my family and yet still be happy.  I was afraid I would be sad and homesick.  But God has blessed me with wonderful new friends to share this day. And Abu Dhabi is not short on festivity.

As I enjoyed this Christmas morning, I reflected on what a difference a year makes!  There I sat, in my lovely city apartment, enjoying my African coffee, which I bought in Uganda just weeks ago.  It was definitely a pinch me moment.

Then, I donned my gay apparel and joined my friends for a festive holiday brunch.  We were greeted with mulled wine and dined on goose, lobster, salmon, chestnuts, pate, and many other delicacies, while the live band performed Christmas favorites. It was the second best thing to Christmas dinner with my family.

I hope your Christmas is equally blessed. Merry Holidays and Christmas Mubarak from Abu Dhabi!



Waiting for my friends to arrive



Christmas goose with chestnuts


Salmon with chanterelle sauce


Mulled wine


The elves come bearing festive beverages