One Week

Abu Dhabi City

August 13, 2015

Dear Reader,

Today makes one week since I arrived in Abu Dhabi. It has been surreal! I’ve had so many moments where I’m amazed that I’m in this place, on this journey!  I’ve also had many moments where I felt acute pangs of adjustment. But, through it all, that still, small voice within me has said, “You’re in the right place. Take your time.”

So I’ve been easing into things. In between orientation and training days, I’ve been trying to get lots of rest and drink more water. I guess it worked because today I finally woke up feeling like myself.

When I wasn’t in training or resting, I’ve been shopping and eating! My happiest purchase was ordering my bed. Then, I was fortunate to have a vet out here pick me up and take me shopping.  I cannot say enough about how incredibly generous and helpful the vets are. On that shopping trip I discovered Lulu.  I love that store; it’s similar to Target.

Here’s the picture reel!



This is Lulu in Musharif Mall.


First day orientation


Training at NYU Abu Dhabi


Arabic breakfast at Moka Lounge, Marina Mall


Had a bite at the very charming Shakespeare & Co.